Once you understand what voltage optimisation is, the next step is to determine which solution would be most suitable for your business.

Voltage optimisation is an umbrella term used to describe a number of different voltage management technologies. Whilst they are similar in concept (that they optimise voltage), there are several large differences that would make one solution more viable than the others for varying site characteristics and voltage profiles.

There are two main categories that voltage optimisation can be broken down into; Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV). If you already know which infrastructure your site supports, you can navigate to the relevant section below.

If not, you can generally figure this out by asking one simple question… Do you operate your own HV/LV Distribution Transformer?

If the answer is yes, then an effective option for your site could be HV optimisation. If your site operates a low voltage supply only, then LV optimisation will be the most appropriate solution for your site.


High Voltage (HV) side optimisation technologies offer optimisation solutions to sites that own their own distribution transformers.

The reason businesses need to optimise voltage is to correct problems caused by the HV infrastructure. Unless your HV/LV transformer is brand new, it is more effective to correct the issues at source. This can be achieved by optimising the voltage at the HV supply by simply upgrading the inefficient HV/LV transformer to a newer one which is built using more efficient materials, for example, amorphous core.

Amorphous core transformers are super low-loss and, compared to their traditional counterpart, offer significant improvements on load losses, on average offering reductions of 73%.

In addition to upgrading the transformer, efficiencies can be gained on the LV side through a combined HV/LV solution. However, there is only one system currently on the market which offers a HV transformer combined with electronic variable voltage optimisation.

The combined solution replaces an on-site, inefficient HV transformer with an amorphous core super-low loss HV transformer, with integrated electronic-dynamic VO technology.

The system can take up to 33,000V input and provides a fully electronically regulated 380V, or user-defined, voltage output. Technology also exists that allows the user to alter the defined voltage locally through a Human Machine Interface (HMI) on site or remotely via the internet. The HMI allows users to manage and monitor the system in real time to ensure maximum savings are being realised.

Depending on the age and type of the transformer that it replaces, an amorphous core transformer can provide between 1% to 5% savings simply because it is so much more efficient. In addition to savings on replacement of the transformer, the integrated VO technology can be expected to provide a further 12% to 15% savings.

The combined solution, offered by Powerstar, is known as Powerstar HV MAX.


  • Does your site have an unstable voltage profile (i.e. you experience variance in voltage through a day and night period)?

If yes, then variable (electronic-dynamic) optimisation could be the best option for your business.

Electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation systems take the incoming voltage and optimise it to a constant level in addition to cleansing and conditioning the supply. Powerstar’s electronic dynamic solution is called Powerstar MAX.

Stabilised voltage output is achieved through the use of intelligent electronic controls that automatically adjust and maintain the voltage to create a stable profile, making this system ideal for sites with fluctuating voltage, high night loading, or critical equipment requiring additional security. Powerstar MAX systems are suitable for commercial premises and are available in sizes from 28kVA through to a maximum of 3MVA

  • Does your site have a stable voltage profile?

If yes, then fixed voltage optimisation could be the best option for your site.

Fixed voltage optimisation provides a set level reduction across a pre-defined tap range. Powerstar’s fixed voltage optimisation solution is called Powerstar LITE.

The optimised voltage will match the incoming voltage profile albeit reduced by a set amount, making this system ideal for sites with a stable yet high level of incoming voltage. Powerstar LITE systems are available from 100Amp for small commercial systems up to 3MVA systems available for larger commercial premises.

Powerstar can also provide small three phase and single phase systems.


If you are still unsure which Powerstar voltage optimisation solution is the right choice for your site, you can contact us by completing the short form below, or book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an expert member of our Powerstar team, who will endeavor to respond within 24 hours.