A Solution for Unstable Voltage Profiles

If a company is experiencing high levels of incoming voltage with a fluctuating voltage profile, high night loading or has a requirement for additional electrical security then a Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation system could present the most effective solution.

Powerstar MAX: Voltage Stabiliser

Powerstar MAX is more than just a voltage stabiliser, it is an electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation system which matches the incoming voltage to meet the operating requirements of onsite electrical equipment and maintains it at a constant level.

A stabilised voltage output is achieved through the use of intelligent, electronic controls that automatically adjust to create a stable profile, irrespective of the fluctuations or volatility of the incoming supply.

The Powerstar MAX system can be manufactured from 28KVA for smaller sites up to 3MVA for large businesses, thus providing a viable voltage stabiliser and electronic optimisation solution for a range of applications.

An example of voltage optimisation through Powerstar MAX is visualised on the chart (below) with the voltage profile through a Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation system characterised by the amber line.  Voltage stabiliser from Powerstar MAX

Sites with a more stable voltage profile could benefit from ‘fixed’ voltage optimisation system provided by Powerstar LITE, as represented by the blue line in the chart. Although the Powerstar MAX, along with its voltage stabiliser benefits, also offers additional savings opportunities.

Additional savings are available as Powerstar MAX generates negative power (back EMF), whereby excess voltage is returned in direction of the supply, this reverse current is ‘real energy’ which has a direct impact on the electrical load and as a result reductions in power consumed can be seen by actual kWh savings.

Is Powerstar MAX Right for My Business?

Powerstar MAX is ideal for companies with the following profile:

  • Operates a low voltage (LV) supply only
  • Has a high level of incoming voltage
  • Has a fluctuating or volatile incoming voltage profile
  • Has critical site equipment that requires additional security
  • Has high night loads and electricity is still consumed as other uses reduce demand

Powerstar MAX can be integrated with an amorphous core HV/LV transformer (Powerstar HV MAX) and with the VIRTUE energy storage system depending on a client’s needs.

Powerstar MAX systems have provided significant savings for healthcare estates, hotel and leisure facilities, supermarket chains, data centres and cold storage sites.

If electronic-dynamic optimisation through Powerstar MAX does not fit your requirements then fixed optimisation through Powerstar MAX may represent an alternative solution.

If your company operates its own HV/LV distribution transformer then optimising voltage at the HV side through Powerstar HV MAX may represent a more effective approach.