Driven by advances in technology and communication the energy landscape is changing.

The way we consume electricity will look very different in the future as traditional models are replaced by connected systems of responsive power generation from both suppliers and consumers resulting in a clean, secure and reliable electricity supply to businesses, homes and vehicles.

To continue to thrive within this future energy outlook, as an energy management company we realise that we must adopt a clean vision & values as we look ahead and understand the problems of tomorrow that will shape our future business.

Our vision & values are to invest in research and development in order remain pioneers in the energy management industry, delivering innovative, forward-thinking, cost effective and efficient technologies that continue to provide solutions to energy management problems faced by our clients.


Energy optimisation South AfricaAs an established energy management company our vision defines our long-term strategy and approach, underpinning every aspect of the business:

  • Energy management is about finding the correct engineering solution to an engineering problem, not delivering a one size fits all approach
  • Our energy management systems are designed to meet the individual needs of each client and specific sites within a client’s building portfolio
  • We will play our part in ensuring energy sources are used wisely


Energy optimisation South Africa
Our core company values represent a set of standards which are embraced and delivered at all levels of the business. These values are a fundamental part of ensuring long term success as an energy management company:

  • Investment in our people
  • Keep an engineering core
  • Remain customer focused
  • Invest in innovation

Through our vision & values, which are integrated throughout all business plans and strategies we are able to offer innovation, quality, flexibility and a customer centric approach which allows us to adapt to effectively offer solutions to any challenges our clients face.